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Privacy and cookie statement

Your personal information. You leave them with us, because you have to if you want to order something. But we can imagine that you would like to know why we ask for your personal data and what we do with it. We are happy to tell you that here.

If you still have questions after reading this page, please let us know via our customer service.

very safe We put all the information you leave behind with us very safely under lock and key. We do this with one of the most modern techniques. Anyone who has nothing to do with your data simply cannot access it. If we give your data to someone else - you can read below why and when we do that - then we require that other person to handle your data as carefully as we do and only use it for the purpose for which he received it. If you feel that this is not happening, please let us know via our customer service.

We are happy to tell you that We often use your data to offer you the most personal shopping experience possible. We adapt what you see on Webshop-outlet.nl to your interests. For example, we make one person happy with offers for toys, for example, and another with garden products. We use, for example, data from previous orders, your IP address and cookies.
You can read more about cookies below.

What do we do with your data? We use your data for various purposes. After this you can see which goals those are. We use data received from you, but also data collected by ourselves. For example, data about your visit to our website.

Deliver your order For your order we need your name, e-mail address, address(es), payment details and sometimes your telephone number. This allows us to deliver your order and keep you informed about your order. We also pass on your data to others if this is necessary for an order, for example to delivery services and our distribution center. And if you order from an external seller on Webshop-outlet.nl, we will pass on your details to this seller. We require our third-party sellers to handle your data with the same care as we do.

Your account In your account on Webshop-outlet.nl we store, among other things, the following information: your name, address(es), telephone number, e-mail address, delivery and payment details and specified information and interests (for example if we have asked you about your date of birth). Handy, because then you don't have to enter this data every time. We also store data about your previous orders and reviews you have placed. Then you can easily find it.

Customer service You can call, email and app us. In order to be able to help you quickly with questions, we use your data and make notes that we keep. Handy if you call us again. Information about the telephone conversation with you is registered. You help us with analyzes and improvement of our services. Sometimes we use another party to answer your questions. They can use your data for this.

Newsletters You can sign up for our various newsletters. This way you stay informed of our offers, promotions and our news. We have general and personal newsletters. We compile the personal newsletters based on your data, such as previous orders. That makes the newsletter more interesting for you. If you no longer wish to receive newsletters from us, please unsubscribe. Simple right?

Reviews We love reviews. And our customers too. If you want to write a review, choose whether your personal details or your name are visible to other visitors and whether we can contact you about your review. We keep track of who writes which review and your reviews are also in your account.

We collect reviews via the WebwinkelKeur platform. If you leave a review via WebwinkelKeur, you are obliged to provide your name, place of residence and e-mail address. WebwinkelKeur shares this information with us, so that we can link the review to your order. WebwinkelKeur also publishes your name and place of residence on its own website. In some cases, WebwinkelKeur may contact you to explain your review. In the event that we invite you to leave a review, we will share your name and email address with WebwinkelKeur. They only use this information for the purpose of inviting you to leave a review. WebwinkelKeur has taken appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect your personal data. WebwinkelKeur reserves the right to engage third parties for the provision of the service, for which we have given permission to WebwinkelKeur. All the above-mentioned guarantees with regard to the protection of your personal data also apply to the parts of the service for which WebwinkelKeur engages third parties.

contests If you participate in a promotion or competition, we ask for your name, address and e-mail address. This way we can carry out the promotion and announce the prize winner(s). We also measure the response to our advertising campaigns in this way.

Personal shopping We have so many items in our store that we are happy to help you on your way. For example by pointing you to articles that are of interest to you. This is based on your previous visits to our website. We then look at cookies and your IP address, but also at what you previously bought from us and your interests that we know because we have asked you about it. We will not give the lawnmower that you have just bought as a gardening tip. Read more about cookies below and how you can turn them off if you want.

Improving our store and service We are constantly improving our services. That is why we can use your data to ask you if you want to participate in a non-binding customer or market survey. Sometimes others do that research for us. We provide it other than your email address. The other person must of course also adhere to our privacy rules. For example, your e-mail address must be deleted after the survey.

Fraud Nobody wants fraud, neither do we. That is why we use customer data to investigate, prevent and counter fraud. If necessary, we provide customer data to the government.

Pay afterwards If you buy items that you don't want to pay right away, we can check your creditworthiness. We can use external agencies for this. For that research, we may give your data to others, who may only use this data for that purpose.

Social media If you use social media, for example Facebook, you can log in with your social media account in some places on our website. When, when you are logged in, you indicate that you like an article, that article will appear on your social media account. Webshop-outlet.nl will not have access to your social media account, but you can share articles that you find fun, useful or useful with your friends. If you ask us a question via social media and we see that question, we will save that message and your account name so that we can respond to your message.

What do we not do with your data? We never use your data to show you different prices than to other customers. All our customers see the same prices for our items and products. We never sell your data to others.

Is your data incorrect or do you have other questions? If something is not right, if you want to view your data or if you would like to delete your account, please feel free to contact our customer service. We are available 24/7 to help you.

Add cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of information that are stored on your computer when you browse the internet. The information is necessary for the proper functioning of a website. Cookies can collect personal information.

Cookies from Webshop-outlet.nl are safe for your PC, laptop, telephone or tablet. We use cookies to recognize you when you visit us, but also to ensure that our website works properly and that you can enjoy shopping. Cookies provide us with information about the use of our services. In this way we can improve and adapt it to the wishes of our customers.

Cookies ensure that:

  • you remain logged in and can shop undisturbed;
  • items are kept in your shopping cart;
  • you shop safely at Webshop-outlet.nl;
  • you can read and write reviews and watch videos;
  • the website is fast;
  • we can detect errors and inconvenience on the website;
  • we can test improvements;
  • we can advise you personally based on what you have previously purchased and/or viewed;
  • you can share products via social media such as Facebook and Google.
  • How long do cookies remain?

Most cookies from Webshop-outlet.nl disappear when you close your browser. Some cookies remain for a few days to a few years. You can remove them yourself at any time via your browser.

Delete or disable cookies?

You can always delete or disable cookies yourself via your browser settings. You will then no longer receive cookies while shopping on Webshop-outlet.nl. You can find an explanation about adjusting the cookie settings under Help in most browsers. But please note: without cookies the website of Webshop-outlet.nl will not work as well.

Your rights

On the basis of the applicable Dutch and European legislation, you as a data subject have certain rights with regard to the personal data that are processed by or on behalf of us. Below we explain to you which rights these are and how you can invoke these rights. In principle, in order to prevent misuse, we only send copies and copies of your data to your e-mail address already known to us. In the event that you wish to receive the data at a different e-mail address or, for example, by post, we will ask you to identify yourself. We keep records of completed requests, in the event of a request to be forgotten we administer anonymised data. You will receive all copies and copies of data in the machine-readable data format that we use within our systems. You have the right at all times to file a complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority if you suspect that we are using your personal data in the wrong way.
Right of inspection
You always have the right to view the data that we process or have processed and that relate to your person or can be traced back to you. You can make a request to that effect to our contact person for privacy matters. You will receive a response to your request within 30 days. If your request is granted, we will send you a copy of all data with an overview of the processors who have this data at the e-mail address known to us, stating the category under which we have stored this data.
Rectification right
You always have the right to have the data that we process or have processed and that relate to your person or can be traced back to you adjusted. You can make a request to that effect to our contact person for privacy matters. You will receive a response to your request within 30 days. If your request is granted, we will send you a confirmation that the data has been adjusted to the e-mail address known to us.
Right to limit processing
You always have the right to limit the data that we process or have processed that relate to your person or that can be traced back to you. You can make a request to that effect to our contact person for privacy matters. You will receive a response to your request within 30 days. If your request is granted, we will send you a confirmation to the e-mail address known to us that the data will no longer be processed until you lift the restriction.
Right to transferability
You always have the right to have the data that we process or have processed that relate to your person or can be traced back to you, by another party. You can make a request to that effect to our contact person for privacy matters. You will receive a response to your request within 30 days. If your request is granted, we will send you copies or copies of all data about you that we have processed or that have been processed on our behalf by other processors or third parties to the e-mail address known to us. In all likelihood, we will no longer be able to continue the service in such a case, because the secure linking of data files can then no longer be guaranteed.
Right of objection and other rights
In such cases, you have the right to object to the processing of your personal data by or on behalf of Webshop-outlet.nl. If you object, we will immediately stop the data processing pending the handling of your objection. If your objection is justified, we will make copies and/or copies of data that we process or have processed available to you and then permanently discontinue the processing. You also have the right not to be subject to automated individual decision-making or profiling. We do not process your data in such a way that this right applies. If you believe that this is the case, please contact our contact person for privacy matters.